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  • What is FrontPage?

    Microsoft® FrontPage® allows you to design your web pages on your computer with the use of their easy to use editor.  Once you have created your web site on your computer, it allows you to publish your site to our server in one easy step.  You never have to use FTP.  It also has some other handy features that help you create your web site.  To find out more, visit http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage.  
  • What version of FrontPage do you support?

    Word Pro Systems supports the following programs:
    FrontPage 97
    FrontPage 98
    FrontPage 2000

  • How do I use FrontPage to upload to my web site?

    If you chose to have Microsoft FrontPage server extensions installed, you will be able to publish your web pages to our server very easily.  Once you have finished creating your web site on your local hard drive, you will need to follow these steps to publish them to our server.  
    1 - Open the FrontPage® Explorer.  

    2 - Select File|Publish frontpage web

    3 - Click on the More Webs button

    4 - In the space provided type either your IP address or your hostname(www.your_domain.com) Then click on the Ok button.

    5 - Push the Ok button once again.

    6 - It will prompt you for your username and password.  Enter them, select Ok, and then let it publish.  It could take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours depending on how big your web is.  

  • How do I enable my FrontPage extentions?
    If you need to turn on your FrontPage extentions email our hostmaster.  He will turn them on for you.


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