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Partnering with Southwestern Bell DSL, Word Pro Systems provides our customers DSL technology that allows them to surf the Internet, connect to their corporate network, and download files with amazing speed.  Unlike the dial-up connections required for analog modems, DSL connection can be turned on almost instantly.  Since DSL is always available, there's no more busy signals and no more waiting for the connection to happen - it's there at the click of the mouse.  If you turn your PC off (or terminate your DSL connection), it's quick and easy to log back on -- no more long waits as your analog modem establishes its connection.  You can talk on your phone line at the same time you're using it to surf the Internet!  

Access US and Word Pro Systems have teamed up to serve over 300 access points and more than 50 major metropolitan locations across the United States.  This allows Word Pro to be a nationwide provider of the fastest and most current technology available.  

Virtual Design House and Word Pro Systems joined creative juices to form an international presence providing web solutions for companies large and small throughout the world.  In addition to providing graphical award winning sites, we offer top of the line personal service to our clients out of our US offices.  Web-based Applications, Web Design, HTML, CGI, Custom Database Solutions, E-commerce, Database Development, Marketing, Graphics, Perl, Java, Java Script, Flash, Animation, Wireless Web, Mobile Commerce, Graphic Design, Multimedia Presentations, Streaming Video and Audio, and other services.    

emaginesuccess is a full service graphic arts, web design, training, and advertising firm catering to mid and small size businesses.  Partnering with Word Pro Systems, emaginesuceess has over nine years of providing creative services to various business in the real estate, medical, entertainment, retail, and restaurant markets.    

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